DALRON Projects 2016


Moss st renovation

SLV Projects 2016

This full renovation was a major overhaul! This beautiful home now sports Aluminum Long Board siding in the front, under the new entrance flat roof, and in other key accent areas in LIGHT CHERRY. There is BLACK LONG BOARD SOFFIT as well as Black Long Board used in key areas such as the front of the fascia area of the flat roof and deck/beam capping! The siding is James Hardie Panel Channel in Autumn Tan as well as Black AL13 in the front! Our amazing crew collaborated with Northern Elite Home Builders for the extra framing, S.Belanger Electrical for the electrical work in the new front area and Vision Design and Development for the amazing help with the design of the entire project! 
Home owners are VERY happy with their "new" house! Remember- 'Having A New Home Doesn't Mean Movin